“Red shopping cart”    2020 May 
20” x 22” x 13”
Assemblage Sculpture, 
Mixed Media
Iron shopping cart, recycled cloths, found objects, 
recycle sari,

A red small shopping cart filled with red recycled materials and abundant objects is an icon of daily life, but at the same time, it indicates the importance of creating a sustainable society through upcycling what we might consider our waste. 
During the time of quarantine, we must stockpile food for our families and especially our children. I appreciate that grocery store employees disinfect frequently, and this piece represents my gratitude towards them. Food is a significant commodity, especially nowadays, however, I want viewers to trigger re-estimating and re-valuing our consumption behavior. 
At the same time, this red shopping cart is a symbol of as homeless or excluded from society, which speaks of their hardship. Because in Portland, where I live, the number of homeless people has been increasing. They use the shopping cart as their fundamental living necessities. This might be my autobiographical story of what I observe and experience through everyday life. 
It is a subjective articulation or the implication as homeless or excluded from society, which our society tends to get rid of, or make them invisible or conceal.
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