“Daily Life”  2020 summer  
21” x 27” x 16”
Assemblage Sculpture, 
Mixed Media
Recycled cloths, found objects
vintage ribbon, 
I use a vintage metal chair as a loom to weave recycled cloth and abandoned objects into the mesh seat and rear back. A variety of colored fabrics create interesting scenery as the chair integrates into a forest.  This decorative recycled clothes and objects worn by the artificial chair replicate human and nature coexisting. 

Capitalism prioritizes the economy over all else. I express the necessity for a sustainable society through reusing these discarded materials. Through this assemblage chair, which no longer functions as a chair, I call into question the objects we consider necessary.

I During the time of quarantine, we must stockpile food for our families and especially our children. I appreciate that grocery store employees disinfect frequently, and this piece represents my gratitude towards them. Food is a significant commodity, especially nowadays.
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